About KME

About company

CME Swiss AG (Switzerland) is the owner of the proprietary KME technology. Since 2005, the production of the systems is carried out by the European division of the company - CME-Slovakia, s.r.o. (Slovakia) and since 2018, "CME tecnology medical digital SL" is the official Representat of CME Swiss AG in Spain. The systems are manufactured on certified equipment using the most modern technologies and in compliance with the highest European standards. The quality of assembly is confirmed by safety and efficiency test protocols and ISO certificates.

What we do

KME technology, thanks to the holistic approach, makes it possible to help a person to become truly healthy. KME provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive picture of the current state of a person’s health. It also can offer an opportunity to reduce the activity of existing pathological processes, as well as helps to make a decision on prescribing the optimal therapeutic and prevention methods.

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Advantages of our system

There is an opinion that many new scientific discoveries made in recent years cannot quickly give the necessary results. At CME SWISS AG, we are working hard to develop advanced technologies that can prove and guarantee that fundamental discoveries turn into new and better products.

  • Ease of use and fast results.
  • More than 20 years of successful use.
  • Positive feedback from both specialists and patients.
  • Save time and money.
  • An alternative to expensive procedures.
  • Not an invasive diagnostic method.
  • A simple way to monitor your health.
  • Comprehensive prevention.
  • Combination of traditional and holistic approaches.
  • Helps individually determine the right lifestyle.
  • Offers an individual treatment program.