KME System

Complex Medical Expert (KME) is an intelligent system for analyzing human health and quality of life.

KME combines fundamental knowledge about living matter and implements an integrative approach to evaluating the current state of health of a person. The KME System makes ist possible to give a health forecast, which reflects the interrelation, degree of activity and orientation of processes and states at different levels of the human body.

The main biophysical parameter of KME method is the dynamic electric field strength of a living organism. This fact results from the inseparable connection of the two main states of living matter - substance and field. The data acquired by analysis of field strength dynamics form the spectral-dynamic marker of the current state of a patient. That is, the marker is the dynamic digital characteristic of the electric field of various processes that occur in the body and their various combinations. The markers thus describe the average statistical characteristics of specific processes.
In order to obtain information about specific processes in the body, the state of organs and their systems, diseases and their causes, the patient's marker is compared with similar format average statistical markers of these states, entered into the ERI™ program database.

The principle of ERI™ programs is based on "image" recognition. In KME, the "image" is the dynamic electric field strength corresponding to the current processes of the human body at a given moment.
  • to assess existing and potential health risks;
  • to evaluate the impact of the psycho-emotional state and personal psychological characteristics on physiological processes and health indicators;
  • to give recommendations for the creation of a dynamic health-improving nutrition program;
  • to make an ideal choice of biological additives;
  • to assess the functional activity of vitamins and minerals to correct tissue metabolism;
  • to give priority recommendations for the necessary physical (muscular) load for the musculoskeletal system;
  • Based on the correction of the balance of energy characteristics, the system will restore the best possible general well-being and functionality of all body systems;
  • Taking into account the individual reactivity of the body and the adaptive resources of all its systems, KME will assess the effectiveness and duration of the use of the selected methods and correction programs to achieve the best possible result.
The main difference between KME and other medical devices is that it does not emit any signals during the recording of field values and their analysis and does not affect the body. It records the field strength of the actual processes taking place, and not the response to external influences. KME does not measure the quantitative values usually measured in medicine, such as pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, blood test results, urine, the size of the organs (ultrasound), etc.
KME is the first passive medical device whose operation is not based on measurements, but on the recognition of patterns in terms of similarity. KME is an analytical and physiotherapeutic device of integrative medicine.

KME is a full-fledged participant of the recovery process within the communication system: specialist - KME - human body.

This triple constellation makes it possible to establish optimal contact between specialist and client, to immediately evaluate the physical and emotional state of a client and, taking into account the dynamics of the client's condition, adjust the strategy and tactics of individual treatment methods.


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