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and for everyone who thinks about their Health.

In today's world, we don't have enough time... for ourselves.
Yes, especially for us and our health.

We are much more interested in the business we do, in solving pressing problems, in the subjects and people around us, in communicating with friends, or simply in keeping track of news on the Internet.
We pay less and less attention to ourselves, to what we feel, what we look like, what our thoughts are and what our mood is. We rush through life without noticing the timid signals of discomfort that our body sends from time to time.
Why is it so difficult and often simply boring for us to take care of our health?
This has a lot to do with the fact that nowadays, people are not focusing their attention on themselves.
But, sooner or later, we all come to the realization of the need to take care of ourselves.

People have a tendency to consult a doctor only in an extreme emergency.
And when circumstances force us to pay attention to our health, the fear that a long and uncomfortable process might lie ahead makes us postpone any measures until later.

But is that really right?

Health is your capital.
Taking care of your health is an investment in yourself, in your present.
Taking care of your health is an investment in your future and the future of your children.
Taking care of your health is an investment in your energy and your development.

To be healthy means to live to old age in good health, enjoying life and harmony.

Isn't that tempting?

How can you learn to love and take care of yourself?
How to listen to your body and start caring for it?
How to make your life healthier?
If you have ever asked yourself such questions, then you are on the right track.

The human body is a unique biological mechanism in which everything is interconnected and whose functionality is mainly regulated by the inner attitude towards oneself, by the way a person perceives reality and thus creates his own reality.
What is the cause and what is the consequence of the fact that not everything in the body is fine?

Taking care of yourself is not that difficult.

One possible "assistant" on this way could be your use of the KME System. It is precisely the principle of an interested attitude towards one's own health that forms the basic idea of KME.
Using the System will help you tap your comprehensive resources, both biological and psychological. The System's functionality is aimed at restoring the natural defensive forces of the body.
By combining individually selected healing methods and creating favourable conditions for optimising the body's inner potential, you create the highest possible quality of life for yourself.

Taking care of your health with KME is not boring.
Taking care of your health with KME is exciting, popular and prestigious.

KME Technology

An intelligent system, your personal assistant for healthy living.

What is KME?

KME is a screening system for integrative medicine as well as for all those who are concerned about their health and follow the latest developments of science.

Two technologies - one system

Holistic approach to the assessment of the current state of the human body
Possibility of targeted management of health reserves

High-quality service

Cloud-based technologies are the basis of our fast and reliable support.
We guarantee stable operation, safe use and training in the use of the KME System.

Complex medical expert


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Who we are:

  • We, the Swiss company CME Swiss AG, are the manufacturers of the intelligent KME System (Complex Medical Expert).
  • Our mission is to maintain the high reputation of KME technology worldwide and to offer high quality services to our customers.
  • Our goal is to take care of the health and quality of life of people, animals and plants.
  • We develop new generation software and hardware to improve health and quality of life. Our intuitive system embodies all the achievements of modern science. We provide customer service and user support.

Thanks to the close cooperation of scientists and the innovative spirit of doctors, engineers and IT specialists, we are able to develop and bring to the market new products whose main purpose is to preserve health.
The development of digital technologies in the world is changing people’s attitude towards devices for health care.

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Our workflow

How we are working

User request processing

1. Receiving a request from the user.
2. Direct contact of company managers with a potential user.
3. Formation of an individual commercial offer.
4. Payment for the System


1. Receipt by the courier service of the Hand-Sensor for the System.
2. Installation and activation of the System on the user's laptop using remote access systems.
3. Initial user training.


1. Periodic methodological support of the user.
2. Questions - answers to all topics related to the System and its application.
3. Continuous service (software and technical) support.
4. Periodic and monthly update of the system and marker databases.


Feedback from all users for continuous improvement and improvement of the System.

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Write to us and we will be happy to help you get answers to your questions :)



Strengthening health is cheaper and more beneficial than curing a disease. This is the basic idea of preventive medicine. The aim is to systematically determine what helps the person in question best. Because for KME, it is the concrete person who is at the centre of health science and prevention.
"...The traditional subordination in the doctor-patient relationship belongs to the past, the individual person becomes master of his own health, and the inevitable democratization of medicine promises us its effectiveness and availabity“.
Quote: Eric Topol.

Together with us, you will find exactly what you need!